Tradition + Innovation

St. Supéry is proud to introduce our craft brandy made from 100% Estate Muscat Canelli grapes, grown on our Dollarhide Estate Vineyard. Andrew Jackson Dollarhide: Spirit of St. Supéry is named for our vineyard’s namesake, Andrew Jackson Dollarhide, who caught and broke wild horses on the property before selling them to miners during the California Gold Rush.

Moscato Inspired

We have been mixing cocktails with our Napa Valley Estate Moscato for years, and we were never able to find a spirit that was as delicate as we would like for these cocktails. So we decided it was time to create our own! Lucky for us, our winemaker Michael Scholz, made brandy at the very beginning of his winemaking career and was up for the challenge of creating a brandy that not only captures the spirit of Andrew Jackson Dollarhide and his land, but also showcases the incredibly unique characteristics of Muscat Canelli.

Hand-crafted in small batches

To create the brandy, Michael Scholz and the winemaking team first fermented our Estate Muscat Canelli grapes to a dry wine. Then, in collaboration with St. George Spirits, they distilled the wine in small copper stills. Rather than cutting the distilled spirit entirely with water, Michael blended Moscato with the distilled spirit to bring the alcohol to his preferred proof, flavor and aromatic profile. This small batch brandy is a clear and refreshing spirit that is perfect in cocktails or lovely served chilled and neat. The brandy is very limited with only 3,300 numbered bottles made in Batch 1.

Innovative Packaging

We carried the ranch motif and embodiment of Andrew Jackson Dollarhide through the packaging of this product, branding each wood label by hand and hand applying all of the labels to each individual bottle. Because of this hands-on approach to the package, there are slight variations from bottle to bottle, further reinforcing the authenticity and character of early ranch life.